Preserving the Opal

The preservation of an opal requires you to prevent this gem from being scratched. This can be done by taking your jewelry off when you work on certain projects like doing auto or home repairs.

You should also remove your opal ring when either gardening or enjoying the beach. Soil and sand have the ability to reduce the polish of the gem. Store your opal in any dark place to get rid of overheating, which causes chipping or cracking. If you are storing this gem for a long period, put it into a plastic bag sealed with a little water in order to prevent the opal from drying out.

When preserving an opal, it is also a good idea to rub it with mineral oil using a cotton swab in order to moisturize the gemstone when it begins to dry out. Also, natural skin oils have the ability to restore moisture in case the gem is not too dry. Use a clean jewelry cleaning cloth for cleaning your opal. This cloth should be approved for silver or gold and opals. It is also important to note that putting an opal into an ultrasonic cleaning machine may damage the stone. If you believe that your opal needs to be rid of scratches or repolished, take it to a local professional jeweler.